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On Sat, 28 Jan 2012 10:47:56 +0100
sergei karhof <> wrote:

> Why isn't Lua more widely used?
> Granted, being a script language, Lua can only hope for a niche
> position, and can never become as popular as C or C++.
> However, why is Lua *so much* underrated, compared to Javascript, for
> instance? Could not Lua be used in browsers and do as much a good job
> as Javascript? 

probably it could , but there is no browser which supports client side
lua, and we just happily try to leave the age of plugins behind us, so
even if someone wrote a working plugin for a browser, i'd rather not
create websites which require to install it.

i am using lua on the server side a lot, i think other people do that,
too, there's just not such a fuzz around it.