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Hi Tomas,

> > Cool : when is the release forcasted ?
>    I am trying to make LuaSOAP 3.0 work with all Lua 5.X versions,
> which I think isn't difficult, just boring :-(

I've tried to upgrade to 3.0 but LuaRocks stick in : I'm currently doing some tests regarding '&' using a webMethods server and my Lua customer, but I'm facing some problems supposed to be solved by 3.0 (soap headers before body).
Will try to upgrade directly from source tomorrow ...
I'm still running Lua 5.1 as 5.2 isn't ported yet to Gentoo.

>    I am also modifying some details and improving the docs.

speaking about documentation improvement, "download" page's LuaForge link is pointing to cgilua instead of luasoap :)

> I am considering dropping soap.client.https, since it is the same as
> LuaSec's ssl.https.
> [...]
>What do you think about?

I'm using only straight http, but I always think it's better to avoid rundondancies :)