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Hi immerr,

Not about contributing (I barely can code in .el), but I've made a local change to the lua-mode.el where C-k would reload the buffer and run (e.g. lua-restart-with-whole-file).

It could be that C-k is used by some other mode, (not for me), but if you think it's okay, would that be fine for inclusion?

Thank you for the lua-mode.el support btw, to you, and all other authors!

(defvar lua-prefix-mode-map
    (let ((result-map (make-sparse-keymap)))
      (mapc (lambda (key_defn)
(define-key result-map (read-kbd-macro (car key_defn)) (cdr key_defn)))
            '(("C-l" . lua-send-buffer)
              ("C-k" . lua-restart-with-whole-file)
              ("C-f" . lua-search-documentation)
              ("C-;" . lua-mark-all-multiline-literals)))
  "Keymap that is used to define keys accessible by `lua-prefix-key'.

Dimiter 'malkia' Stanev.

On 1/17/2012 11:10 AM, immerrr again wrote:
Hi there!

As some of you might know, lua-mode, Emacs major mode for editing Lua,
is undergoing integration to Emacs mainline. This is a tricky process
for a project of almost 15 years of age that has been passed over
several times already, since FSF guys are very rigorous on copyright
details and want everyone, who has made a significant contribution, to
sign a corresponding legal assignment.

I've reached almost everyone who may have done so, but there's problem:
for some time circa 2002 -- 2006 lua-mode existed as an attachment to
Lua wiki (as stated in [1]) with anyone being able to edit it to their
liking. I tried to dig into modification history of corresponding pages,
but I was unsuccessful finding the file itself. Here's the problem: the
thing won't be over unless FSF guys (and me too) are sure, that there
exists no code uncovered by an assignment from its respective author.

So, if there's anyone who:
- have contributed to lua-mode significantly [2] and is willing to sign
the legal papers, please, contact me to provide you the questionnaire to
start with;
- have contributed to lua-mode significantly and is NOT willing to sign
the legal papers, please, contact me & point at your code so that I can
rewrite it;
- can shed some light on lua-mode's history at that time (or, maybe,
provide me with the link to lua-mode attachment & its diffs, which I was
unable to find), please, contact me and do so :)

Many thanks.

2. more than 15 lines of code