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Hi Francisco,

2012/1/16, Francisco Sant'anna <>:
> Hello Ezequiel,
> That is exactly what I did in Telemídia's Ginga implementation.
> Most DFB events unblock the call to WaitForEventsWithTimeout, so no need
> for busy waits.
> For polling events (or events not integrated to DFB) I had to set a small
> timeout to check from time to time.

Good. I still wonder how to add support for editing commands.
Here in Argentina, we are broadcasting applications that heavily
depend editing commands.

I thought maybe I could make a DFB driver to handle that, so the call
to WaitForEventsWithTimeout unblocks on *any* (or almost any) event.

> A pure Lua implementation for Ginga is an old dream, I hope you succeed.

So I am not so crazy :)
I am working on a pure lua ginga implementation (just for fun). I
think it is very doable, so to speak, since Lua is *very* powerful and
is many times overlooked.

IMHO, telemidia's Ginga implementation looks too bloated to me.