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2012/1/8 Ezequiel García <>:
> Hi,
> I am writing a small lua module and after some struggling I can only
> manage to require it like:
>  local canvas = require 'canvas'
> But I can *not* require it like plain:
>  require 'canvas'
> The problem is, the module is a table *and* an 'instance' of a
> 'class'. So after 'require', user must access
> a table *and* an instance. It can then use this instance to create
> more 'brother' instances.
> This behavior is defined here:
> Here is part of the module code (just the show my problem):

Try first removing the module('canvas') line (module() is not useful
in situations like this, where you are constructing your own object
and returning it at the end), and then setting the global variable
yourself at the end, e.g.:

-- Create base instance
local baseInstance = Canvas.newcanvas(otherModule:CreateSurface
_G.canvas = baseInstance
return baseInstance