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Leo Razoumov wrote:
On Sun, Jan 1, 2012 at 12:48, Vladimir Protasov<>  wrote:
To avoid the problem we just should generate random salt at lua startup, then use it during hash generation. It will prevent attacker to guess which values will be placed in the same bucket.

Salt would not help if one keeps ignoring characters the way Lua does.
Two strings that differ only in those characters that are ignored by
the hash function still hash to the same value.

I considered picking the 16 to 32 characters which aren't ignored at random, too. But then I noticed that an attacker only needs to pick 2 or 3 characters that aren't used for the hash in order to generate enough collisions to cause trouble -- the probability for hitting ignored chars at random is way too high.

And Lua has to skip chars or else the operation file:read("*a") would be a problem for big files.

So I am afraid that Lua still needs to raise an error when there is an extreme number of collisions. (As Mark suggested it).

-- David