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I have mentioned the twitter account @LuaLang on twitter and IRC yet not here so here it is.
@LuaLang has been setup to automatically tweet all lua-l announcements as well as anything else interesting about Lua from this list and other sources. The account is intended to be an impartical information stream as opposed to other rwitter accounts I use, so feel free to follow if you would like push notifications on twitter.

I would like to suggest that if people were to tweet about Lua that instead of using the hash tag #Lua that people use #LuaLang[1]. The reason for this us that #Lua has alot of noise due to being a word and also from being used by a pop artist, so Lua tweets get lost in the stream.

[1] I first noticed the use of #LuaLang from Alexander Gladysh (@agladysh). Other suggestions would be good if this is not acceptable. Just for completion Mike Pall uses the hash tag #LuaJIT which is not suprsing :)