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2011/12/29 <>:
> Anyone know how to write to 3 output files - see below.
> This writes to console window ok for the entire file, but
> I would like to write to three separate files.
> My Progress,
> here is my program - how do I open and print to 3 files, this does not work.
> ("MAC.dat" , w)
> ("IP1.dat" , w)
> ("IP2.dat" , w)
> for s in io.lines("2011_12_02_sfccnetword20.txt") do
>     for a in s:gmatch("DHCP.-to MAC address (.-),") do print("MAC",a) end
>     for a in s:gmatch("DoS.-from ip.%[(.-)%]") do print("IP1",a) end
>     for a in s:gmatch("LAN.-%] from (.-):.- to") do print("IP2",a) end
> end


I guess you should use io.write instead of print so that you can write
in the appropriate file. print always write into the stdout.

I recommend to study the Lua documentation about input/output.