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Just a heads up as I havent seen any previous mention of this problem on the mailing list before.
I started updating my project to switch from 5.1 to 5.2 but hit a pretty awkward showstopper problem. I use SWIG extensively to generate auto bindings.
The SWIG auto generated code uses LUA_GLOBALSINDEX which no longer exists in 5.2.
I found a recent Swig user post discussing the problem
It would be good if someone from the Lua team could confirm the best fix for this issue is to replace  the LUA_GLOBALS_INDEX line with

/* push the global table onto the stack */
by "best" I mean a fix that works for both 5.1  & 5.2.  Or alternatively, is there an easy fix to the Lua source to save having to patch the SWIG source code ?
There is a second small compatibility issue with luaL_Reg &  luaL_reg,  but that one is trivial to work around, and doesnt need a patch to the SWIG source, so no big deal.
Its unfortunate that 5.2 breaks SWIG and needs a patch to the SWIG source to fix, especially as there seems to be no SWIG - Lua maintainer at present.
Regards Geoff