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Xavier Wang <weasley.wx <at>> writes:
> I'm wonder how to change _ENV's value, or rebuild a new _ENV locals in
> C function. the only idea I make out is using a wrapping lua code:
> lua_newtable(L);
> lua_pushcfunction(L, myfunc);
> luaL_loadstring(L, "local _ENV,func = ... return func()");
> lua_call(L, 2, 0);
> Is there any other method to change _ENV in a C function using a pure C API?

I have no experience in writing C module. But I try to sum up a few points
from the Lua 5.2 manual. If I am wrong someone please correct me.
(1) C function no longer have environment. 
    LUA_ENVIRONINDEX and lua_getfenv are removed.

(2) There is no _ENV for the C function itself. There is no way to change
    _ENV variable of the caller lua function. You can only change things 
    inside the associated table.

(3) C function do no inherit environment (and value/vars) from Lua function.
    To access value/vars in the environment of the caller lua function, 
    pass the _ENV table or other variables to the C function as augement.

(4) If the C function return a new function and you want to enclose some
    values/vars in _ENV of the caller lua function to the new function.
    You have to make a copy of those values/vars and associate them with
    the new function by lua_pushcclosure or lua_setupvalue.

But the description of lua_getupvalue/lua_setupvalue is not very clear.

lua_getupvalue			[-0, +(0|1), –]
const char *lua_getupvalue (lua_State *L, int funcindex, int n);
... (Upvalues have no particular order, as they are active through the 
whole function. So, they are numbered in an arbitrary order.)
... For C functions, this function uses the empty string "" as a name for all upvalues. 

Upvalues have no name, and lua_getupvalue return them in arbitrary order !!??
How to distinguish which value is which value ??