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After spending a few hours trying to get Koneki IDE to install back in November and not getting it to work, I thought I would give it another go as I have some time to spare over Xmas.
I deleted the previous failed install, and started again from scratch. This time it worked perfectly, no problem at all. Dont you just love PC's at times, I dont know what I did differently, other than maybe last time I tried the 64 bit version of Eclipse whereas this time I used the 32 bit version.
It looks like a nice IDE with lots of potential, I am still stumbling around with it trying to get somewhat familiar (I have no prior experience of Eclipse).
One thing that is bugging me is I could do with making the main editor window font a little larger but I cant seem to find a way to do that ? Any tips would be appreciated.
To echo an earlier comment in this thread, the main deficiency that I noticed was not being able to get auto completion on the standard Lua libraries . E.g  string, math. etc
Showing an explanation of the function paramaters and an explanation of what the function does would be really useful.
Also, I would like to see that functionality be easily extendable by a user to put in a definition of a custom library.  For reference, Scite does this very nicely, having just a single config file that allows the user to define his custom libary functions in a simple format.
I wonder how this feature is progressing ? Getting near yet ?
Thanks for your hard work on this tool so far, I will keep my eye on how it progresses in the future
Regards Geoff

Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2011 20:53:03 +0100
Subject: Re: [ANN] Lua Development Tools available at

On Thu, Nov 17, 2011 at 7:54 PM, Jon Akhtar <> wrote:
> We currently delegate all semantic operations to Metalua; on the Java side,

IntelliJ requires you to build an AST that contains every token in the file so
that you can reproduce the file exactly if given the AST built from it.

I'd be interested to see how I could incorporate Metalua into the process.

Metalua details are best discussed in the dedicated mailing list, but indeed, its ASTs contain enough information to recompose the original file, although not always trivially (the focus is put on ease of tree manipulations, not on easy and perfect faithfulness to the source string).

Moreover, we're currently changing some details of the Metalua parser and lexer, to suit LDT needs better. Most of those changes are intended to make the AST/source mapping tighter and easier to navigate.