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Hi all,

This is a beta version of the new LDoc [1], which is a (mostly) LuaDoc
compatible documentation tool.

By compatible, I mean that if it cannot handle an existing LuaDoc
project then it is at fault, unless it's one of LuaDoc's 'accidental'
features, like putting module(...) in a comment block to force a new

You can optionally use Markdown (both markdown.lua and lua-discount
are known to work) and you can link to examples and a readme; any
example code will be prettified.

This article gives some of the background [2] (plus typical
blogosphere editorializing)

The most comprehensive example of its capabilities is the Winapi
documentation [3]

Installation is pretty straightforward (does need Penlight).

 'sudo luarocks install ldoc' does what you expect, except that the
executable script ends up being called 'ldoc.lua'.

steve d.