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Since I've predicted Lua 5.2 5 months too late, I took its actual
release date to recalibrate the Lua release prediction formula. Thats
the nice and nasty thing with power functions, little difference in
the start can mean large difference / errors later on.

Current function is thus:

Release Year with fraction = 1997,2 + 1,819 ^ (RN - 8,95) + (RN - 7) / 1,71

where RN is a continues major release number. 5.1 was release number
12 and 5.2 was release number 13, thus 6.0 or 5.3 is 14. 14 gives
2021,812. Thats Oct 22th 2021.

Thats the graph:

Now I gonna have to figure another Hokus Pokus algorithm that predicts
what features it will have and if its going to be called 5.3 or 6.0

- Axel