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It was thus said that the Great Sam Roberts once stated:
> For what its worth, I've seen APIs that pass strings or tables of
> strings, and I've seen apis that define names for numbers,
> and pass numbers in, and I've seen keyword apis that use tables where
> strings keys are true or false, but I've NEVER seen a lua API that has
> strings concatenated together to represent flags... I think its weird.

  I had to do the concatenated strings at work, to match the use of an
existing tool.  Granted, the flags are all single characters so it's not
that bad:

  rec = lnp.record(key,"xcil")

And it's only used for input.  I also support a table approach as well, for
both input and output:

  rec = lnp.record(key, { 'company' , 'capable' , 'min' , 'licensed' })

And this in a load-testing tool.

 -spc (Lua, even though we can't use LuaJIT [1], is fast enough)

[1]	Because this particular load test *has* to run on Solaris, and
	LuaJIT does not support the SPARC architecture.