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From: Joshua Jensen
Date: 12/16/2011 3:00 AM
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From: Xavier Wang
Date: 12/16/2011 2:46 AM
I have try to find a lua module that acts like GNU find, it can
enumerate files in a directory, and makes some filter on it:

find "." :name ".svn" :prune()

or something like it.
The filefind module [1] may do what you want [2] [3]:

require 'filefind'

-- Just files, excluding .svn directories.
for entry in filefind.glob('**@-.svn/') do

Also, just to add this, the filefind module is very high performance, especially on Windows. LuaFileSystem does not collect file information from the FindFirstFile/FindNextFile iteration calls. It asks separately for the file stats. It has been my experience that this is VERY costly on Windows.