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On Thu, Dec 15, 2011 at 1:45 PM, Alex Bradbury <> wrote:
> As the documentation states, this means `b = x-10` is converted to
> `local b = x(-10)`.

There's a few points like that, where a simple space can make all the
difference. It's hard to learn to watch out for single spaces ;)

> One aspect of Lua which Moonscript doesn't help with is the lack of a
> try/catch mechanism.

That would be consistent (it's a tricky thing to get exactly right, as
Fabien can tell you)

I suppose it would currently be:

ok,err = pcall ->
    error "throw a wobbly"
if not ok
    print "failed, dammit!", err

> local var = 100
> for i=1,10 do
>  local var = i*i
>  print(var)
> end
> print(var)

The closest MoonScript gets AFAIK to a solution is the 'using' clause
for functions:

It's a good example of a problem generated by local-as-default.

steve d.