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I'm also building LuaJIT with the WDK, targeting Windows XP (should even work on 2000). My goal is to use the System Wide MSVCRT.DLL, rather than rely on VS2005, VS2008, VS2010, VS2011 ones.

I've made a batch file that helps me getting it off, and I build right now couple of other libs this way: pixman, cairo, sdl, zeromq, luajit, AntTweakBar and few others. Sometimes I hit stone with missing headers, and thus the Windows SDK is needed, or some replacement from (mingw, though not pretty).

The question about 64-bit fseek/ftell for MSVCRT.DLL comes back few times, and the last time Thomas Lauer gave the idea of using fsetpos/fgetpos.

This would work if you don't rely on the \r\n -> \r mapping that Microsoft does (or was it \r\n -> \n). I've found the hard way that fopen( "text-file", "rt" ) on Microsoft would remap all endings, and seeking works differently (but maybe it does not make sense at all to support correct seeking there).

	So it might work, but I haven't got the need to fix it yet.

Here is my project, look under build/Windows folder - it's very spartan, and assumes for a lot the stuff that cygwin is installed (use couple of tools), WDK, and probabaly some other SDK's.

On 12/14/2011 10:58 AM, Patrick Rapin wrote:
I only support building with the SDK, not the WDK/DDK.

Adding support for WDK would be very easy, since there is only the one
little problem I reported you.

Great ! Olivetti printers use a 4Kc MIPS processor (not sure if this
is a R1 architecture).

This CPU doesn't have a hardware FPU. The kernel emulates that,
but it'll be dead slow.

That's right, my bad. No chance to have a fast Lua implementation on
such a platform.
A little question to be sure: Lua supports defining lua_Number as
integers, but LuaJIT doesn't (or does it)?