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Maybe you can do something like this:

function Test(s, a, ...)
  -- do something to calculate the first field
  local ret = --....
  return ret, Test(s, ...)

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From: PROXiCiDE <>
Date: 2011/12/9
Subject: Returning a ellipses

I want to pass a function that supports
ellipses "..." and return several of
them into different variables..


function Test(...)

a,b,c,d,e = Test(1,2,3,4,5)

Reason for this being, i want to be able to
read a structured data into variables...

example reason

magic,version, headersize,directorycount,directorylocation =

S = obviously a String
16 = Int16
32 = Int32

I would actually parse the the ellipses using the
"var = select(i,...)" from a "for" statement

But what i cant understand is how do i seperate
these into different variables
that are returned