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Quick questions:

1. Has anyone used the LuaJIT + Mongrel2 + Tir application stack for web
development? If so, what are you thoughts?

I've not used Mongrel so can't comment on this.

2. Has anyone been able to build Mongrel2 on Debian? LuaJIT built just
fine and I'm now on compiling Mongrel2. I believe Mongrel2 compiled
successfully but I'm stuck at the point in the installation document
that say "Configuring The First Time". The config file in the example
doesn't work nor do I understand why the instructions says to do "ls

I found a page [1] that explains the purpose of the "m2sh load -config" line. I infer from this page that on the first run the command converts a textual configuration file into a (newly created) SQLite configuration database. So then I guess that the point of the "ls" line is to confirm that this SQLite database was in fact successfully generated. Since you mention that "the config file in the example doesn't work" I guess it was not successfully generated?

Since I've not used Mongrel I can't help you further, but if the example in the quick start instructions is broken it might be useful to let the developers know and/or ask for suggestions using the Mongrel2 mailing list at (found this on [2]).

Good luck!

 - Peter