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On Mon, Dec 05, 2011 at 03:09:16AM -0800, Jose Marin wrote:
> Is there a "official" binding library/tool for Lua?

It'd be tough for there to be anything more official than the API itself.

> I´ve used Lunar and tolua, what are you using?

Personally I always hand-roll my bindings in order to better match whatever
library I'm binding to the ways of Lua.

I find that automatic binding generators typically produce a binding which
feels no better than using the C interface and often results in huge Lua
wrappers to clean it up and make it Lua-ish.  I also find that the API is neat,
easy to understand, and no harder to use than any of the "binding helpers" out

Then again, I don't try and bind C++ and I don't try and bind dynamically
changing APIs.


Daniel Silverstone               
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