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I have this default settings in my Windows CE platforms for the Linker:

- Stack Reserve Size: 65536
- Stack Commit Size: 4096

The following tests fail:
-- pm.lua:
rev(rev(x) with more then 30 characters in x

-- coroutine.lua:
-- infinite recursion of coroutines
a = function(a) coroutine.wrap(a)(a) end
assert(not pcall(a, a))

-- errors.lua:
-- tests for errors in coroutines

function f (n)
  local c = coroutine.create(f)
  local a,b = coroutine.resume(c)
  return b
assert(string.find(f(), "C stack overflow"))
-- testing syntax limits
local function testrep (init, rep)
local s = "local a; "..init .. string.rep(rep, 400) <-- works up to aprox. 170, but then assertion fails
  local a,b = load(s)
  assert(not a and string.find(b, "syntax levels"))
testrep("a=", "{")

- - -
Excluding these problematic parts as well as some complications in file.lua the test concludes with:

total time: 298.13

Best Regards,


On 12/01/11 13:20, Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
The test suite runs as reported before - mostly ok, I have found
out, that some
tests, e.g. in pm.lua, fail with stack overflow.  The "rev(rev(x))"
test with
a 60 character long string failes, when reduced to 30 characters it
works well.

What stack size is supposed to be available for the Lua test suite?

Enough ;)

I assume you mean the C stack. What other tests failed?

-- Roberto