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Hello Lua hackers,

lgi 0.3 (alpha series) was released.  It is available either from
luarocks (luarocks install lgi) or from its new github homepage[1], [2].

Any comments or other feedback will be greatly appreciated, use github
issue tracker [3] for reporting bugs.

Happy hacking!


The list of changes since previous 0.2 version:

- Project hosting moved to GitHub.
- Build system switched from `waf` to simple Makefile-based one
- Added automatic locking of thread-sensitive libraries (Gdk and
  Clutter).  There is no need to add `Gdk.threads_enter()`,
  `Gdk.threads_leave()` and `Clutter.threads_enter()`,
  `Clutter.threads_leave()` pairs into application, lgi handles this
- Added new sample `samples/console.lua`, which implements already
  quite usable Lua console using Gtk widgets.
- Fixes for compatibility with older gobject-introspection 0.10.8
- Testsuite is not built automatically, because building it can be
  apparently problematic on some systems, causing installation failure
  even when testsuite is not needed at all.
- Remove `setlocale()` initialization, which could break Lua when used
  with some regional locales.  The downside of this change is that
  marshaling filenames containing non-ASCII characters on systems
  which define `G_BROKEN_FILENAMES` environment variable (probably
  only Fedora 15) does not work now.