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On 25/11/2011 18:46, Hakki Dogusan wrote:
Thanks. It compiles with MinGW (gcc version 4.6.1 (tdm-1)).
Note: Ctrl+D crashes Lua.exe on WinXP; You need to use Ctrl+C instead :)

Tried it with two 32-bit builds:
   MinGW (gcc 4.5.2 (tdm-1))
   MinGW (gcc 4.6.1 (tdm64-1))
and I can't confirm crash with Ctrl+D, on my Windows XP SP3 it behaves as it used to:
> ^D
stdin:1: unexpected symbol near char(4)

I'd propose a small change to mingw target in the Makefile
(without this change, command line setting of MYLDFLAGS has no effect):

 	$(MAKE) "LUA_A=lua52.dll" "LUA_T=lua.exe" \
-	"AR=$(CC) -shared -o" "RANLIB=strip --strip-unneeded" \
+	"AR=$(CC) -shared $(LDFLAGS) -o" "RANLIB=strip --strip-unneeded" \
 	$(MAKE) "LUAC_T=luac.exe" luac.exe