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On 25-11-2011 18:40, Stefan Reich wrote:
Aha. So now that Roberto's authority has been challenged, things speed up
on the Lua release front.

That is quite nice to see :)

Incredible how you keep wasting bandwidth. Maybe you should spend some time on googling for 'offensive' and similar terms.

As far as I know the 5.2 release was pending anyway and you don't seriously believe that Roberto adapts his (probably overloaded) schedule to you, do you? Also, who are you to challenge Roberto's team authority?

My own new projects (it's two at once this time!) are coming along nicely
too. I'll publish some info quite soon.

Whow, two projects in parallel. Best warn in advance so that I can unsubscribe from this list in time (or adapt spam filters instead).

Nice day everyone :)

So why are you still posting to this list then (instead of to your new list with thousands of followers)?


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