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On 11/25/2011 7:52 AM, David Manura wrote:
On Thu, Nov 24, 2011 at 4:33 PM, Ashwin Hirschi wrote:
[snip snip]
Not all Windows compilers have the _fseeki64 and _ftelli64 functions that
are defined there (in a LUA_WIN section)... I ran into this 3rd issue
shortly after my previous post, but noticed Kein-Hong Man had already
alluded to it in his post.

When cross-compiling with i586-mingw32msvc-gcc from Linux, you can add
a "-lmsvcr80" or "-lmsvcr90" after the "$(AR) $@ $?" (or add change it
in a gcc "specs" file), which will link against
msvcr80.dll/msvcr90.dll, which do have these functions.  Example:

So my primary concern is breaking of out-of-the-box MinGW compilation experience. I was wondering what setup the supplier of that patch used...

But MinGW is very much a jury-rigged thingy, so I feel rather neutral about these things. The lowest common denominator, traditional msvcrt.dll, does shackle MinGW to a rather low, obsolete baseline. If we want to stick to >=msvcr80.dll, then perhaps some platform notes also need to be squirreled somewhere.

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia