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I'm sad that you've had a bad experience here. I've been on the mailing list for at least 8 years and have always felt like this is a friendly place. Sure, sometimes we ask things of the "benevolent dictators" and they say "no". I've proposed all kinds of silly things that haven't been adopted into the core and I just assume that it was because either people didn't care enough to comment or is was really a silly idea. Either way, I try not to take this stuff too personally.

Rather than "packing up and leaving", could you help me (us) understand what specifically bothers you about the current list? I can almost guarantee that we will all suffer from a fragmented (already small) community.

You seem enthusiastic and willing to contribute to Lua, so I hope we can turn your negative experience around.

Please don't take anything I've said here as condescending!

Warm regards,


On Mon, Nov 21, 2011 at 9:46 AM, Ralph Hempel <> wrote:
On 11/21/2011 11:28 AM, Stefan Reich wrote:
Hello all Luaistas.

I think we should have a new Lua-related talking place (slightly
generalizing the term 'mailing list' here) with these fundamental

Normally, I don't comment on stuff like this, but I think that the
Lua mailing list has finally matured (grown in size) to the point where
this article applies:


I'll stay with this mailing list, thanks.