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LuaJIT 2 doesn't load Lua's bytecode, that's why some Lua5.1 libraries
won't work. Other than that it's pretty much the same thing, same
entry points exposed in the dll and so on.
The majority of modules do work fine. Just try :)

However don't expect huge speed benefits if the majority of your app
will communicate through LuaInterface, cause you will loose most time
there and LuaJIT cannot "jit" calls done with classic Lua dll
extending mechanism. For communcation with C LuaJIT comes with ffi for
native C function calling

2011/11/18 Gopalakrishnan Subramani <>:
> Recently I am reading about LuaJIT. Is it possible to use LuaJIT along with
> LuaInterface which is a .NET supporting library.
> Is it possible embed and extend LuaJIT as the same way how we do with
> standard Lua APIs?
> Thanks,
> Gopal