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JS to Lua is just as tricky. As similar the languages have evolved
(convergent evolution) they are different enough that they cannot be
easily translated in each other, at least not without a large
compatibility/emulation layer. In Lua 5.1 I would have said,
impossible since continue not supported by Lua, with 5.2 they got a
workaround at least. Its still tricky tough. How do you properly
emulate JS undefined/null destinction? On Arrays with holes one can
construct cases where JS even distinguishes "not there", "undefined"
and "null" :-)

>> 3. Maybe even compare performance of some non-trivial programs (V8/nodejs
>> vs. LuaJIT2/luvit).
> you're comparing apples to oranges dressed as apples.  won't be fair.

Why is nodejs to luvit like apples to oranges?
BTW one -can- compare apples to oranges. Both a fruit, round, the
second orange while the other green to red, both got seed, oranges are
sliced naturally while apples are usually cut into slices. See Its not
that difficult to compare apples to oranges as everybody makes