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I've been looking at couple of things:

APR (Apache Run Time)

and also bundling

BusyBox (lots of unix tools, bundled in one, which are "C" callable too).

This is if license allows it.

I was looking mainly for LuaJIT and exposing them through FFI, not like Lua normally does, and now that there is work on the FFI for Lua too it might get work on it too.

My goal is to make a specialized build system, that would help me rebuild various "C" libs, there is also premake that is the closest lua writting build system I know.

On 11/17/2011 1:20 AM, Natanael Copa wrote:

So we (Alpine Linux) are playing with the idea of having an init
system with lua for Linux. The idea is that instead of writing start
up scripts in shell you write them in lua. I think this makes much
sense because:
* you avoid many forks = speed up
* you can have scripts instead of compiled C stuff
* you have a nice language which gives you arrays/hash tables etc for
a low price (half size of bash)
* lots smaller than glib - you can have a very small base system

This means that if we want have the possibility to have /usr on
separate partition we must move Lua out from /usr.

This is easily done with /usr/bin/lua and /usr/lib/liblua*. My
question now is, what about pluggable modules? /usr/lib/lua can move
to /lib/lua but what about /usr/share/lua? I don't like the idea of
moving it to /share/lua. Suggestions?

Since this means we will replace lots of shell scripts with lua, are
there any lua modules for typical shell things? like mv, cp, ps, kill

Does anyone know similar projects? (bsdlua is one)