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Tim, you might have to do

"make cleaner" rather than "make clean". This would trigger rebuilding of the dynlua stuff (or is this only for Windows).

I have set up all my batch files and shell scripts, to do "git clean -fdx", then "make cleaner" (as some of these produced files usually go in the repository).

On 11/14/2011 4:17 PM, Mike Pall wrote:
Tim Caswell wrote:
luajit: luajit_ffi_gtk_demo.lua:67: cannot convert 'function' to 'int (*)()'

Umm, that's the exact error message you get when you run an older
LuaJIT version.

I just compiled and ran latest luajit from head?  Am I doing something

You are 100% sure you did a make clean&&  make and started the
right binary?

(btw, I have gtk3 on my machine so that may be the reason)

Don't think so, it would bail out elsewhere. But it explicitly
loads, anyway.