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hi, Norbert,

Thanks for your suggestions.

On Sat, Nov 12, 2011 at 7:20 AM, Norbert Kiesel <> wrote:
On Fri, 2011-11-11 at 11:12 +0800, Tang Daogang wrote:
> Dear friends,
> I'm glad to announce the first release of Bamboo - v1.0. It took a
> long time to prepare but now it may be ready to be tested so that I
> can get some feedbacks.

Thanks, I will for sure check it out.  Some remarks:
1) would be good to have the links to the installation steps in the

I'll modify it soon.
2) I already have libgd-xpm installed and the installer tries (and
fails) to blindly install the noxpm variant.

You can also install libgd-xpm, maybe I'd better use this package to replace libgd-noxpm.
3) Some of the luarocks installs (e.g. md5) are also available as
Debian/Ubuntu packages, and I have some of them installed already (and
normally prefer packages over hand-installed components)

I will go through the install script manually and see if I get it
working, but having everything available as .debs would of course be
much nicer (I know, lots of work...)

I think you're right. And I post installation directives here for your referring.

-- version define
local PREDEFINED = {
    LUA = "lua5.1",
    ZEROMQ = "zeromq-2.1.9",
    LIBLUA = "liblua5.1-0",
    SQLITE = "sqlite3",
    LIBSQLITE = "libsqlite3",
    MONGREL2 = "mongrel2-1.7.5",
    REDIS = "redis-2.2.13",
    LUAGD = "lua-gd-2.0.33r2",
    LUALIB_PATH = "/usr/local/lib/lua/5.1",
    LUASHARE_PATH = "/usr/local/share/lua/5.1",

-- directives
local DIRECTIVES = {
    -- install system dependencies
    'sudo apt-get install build-essential',
    'sudo apt-get install ${LIBLUA} ${LIBLUA}-dev luarocks',
    'sudo apt-get install uuid-dev ${SQLITE} ${LIBSQLITE}-dev git-core',
    'sudo apt-get install libgd2-noxpm libgd2-noxpm-dev',
    -- create basic directories
    'sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/share/lua/5.1/',
    'sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/lib/lua/5.1/',   
    -- install source code
    'tar xvf tars/${ZEROMQ}.tar.gz && cd ${ZEROMQ} && ./configure && make && sudo make install && sudo ldconfig && cd ..',
    'tar xvf tars/${MONGREL2}.tar.bz2 && cd ${MONGREL2} && make && sudo make install && cd ..',
    'tar xvf tars/${REDIS}.tar.gz && cd ${REDIS} && make && sudo make install && cd .. && sudo cp -af configs/redis.conf /etc/',
    'tar xvf tars/${LUAGD}.tar.gz && cd ${LUAGD} && make && sudo cp -af ${LUALIB_PATH} && cd ..',
    'sudo cp -af configs/luarocks_config.lua /etc/luarocks/config.lua',
    'sudo mkdir -p /var/db/ && sudo chmod -R 777 /var/db/',
    -- install rocks
    'sudo luarocks  install lpeg ',
    'sudo luarocks  install lsqlite3 ',
    'sudo luarocks  install lua_signal ',
    'sudo luarocks  install lunit ',
    'sudo luarocks  install luajson ',
    'sudo luarocks  install luaposix ',
    'sudo luarocks  install luasocket ',
    'sudo luarocks  install md5 ',
    'sudo luarocks  install telescope ',
    -- install git source code
    'cd ~ && mkdir -p GIT',
    'cd ~/GIT && git clone git:// && cd lua-zmq && make && sudo cp -af ${LUALIB_PATH}/',
    'cd ~/GIT && git clone git:// && sudo ln -sdf  ~/GIT/mongrel2-lua/mongrel2  ${LUASHARE_PATH}/',
    'cd ~/GIT && git clone git:// && sudo ln -sf ~/GIT/redis-lua/src/redis.lua  ${LUASHARE_PATH}/',
    'cd ~/GIT && git clone git:// && sudo ln -sf ~/GIT/tnetstrings.lua/tnetstrings.lua ${LUASHARE_PATH}/',
    'cd ~/GIT && git clone git:// && sudo ln -sdf ~/GIT/lglib/src ${LUASHARE_PATH}/lglib',
    'cd ~/GIT && git clone git:// && sudo ln -sdf ~/GIT/bamboo/src ${LUASHARE_PATH}/bamboo',
    'sudo ln -sf ${LUASHARE_PATH}/bamboo/bin/bamboo /usr/local/bin/',
    'sudo ln -sf ${LUASHARE_PATH}/bamboo/bin/bamboo_handler /usr/local/bin/',
    -- create workspace directory and global bamboo setting file workspace/settings.lua
    [[ cd ~ && mkdir -p workspace && echo monserver_dir = \"$(pwd)/workspace/monserver/\" >> settings.lua && echo bamboo_dir = \"$(pwd)/GIT/bamboo/\" >> settings.lua  ]],
    [[ cd ~/workspace && mkdir -p monserver && cd monserver && mkdir -p conf logs run sites tmp sites/apptest ]],
    [[ cp -af configs/mongrel2.conf ~/workspace/monserver/conf/ ]],


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