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Great job!

2011/11/11 Tang Daogang <>
Dear friends,

I'm glad to announce the first release of Bamboo - v1.0. It took a
long time to prepare but now it may be ready to be tested so that I
can get some feedbacks.

## Features

- Bamboo is a MVC framework;
- cooperates with mongrel2, zeromq and redis;
- stateless handler;
- powerful views rendering engine;
- a strict single inheritance OOP model style;
- use a lua table as the main URL router;
- in each module, there can be another URL router related to this module (URL moduled);
- project init(), finish(); module init(), finish(); 
- a whole set of filter system for handler function;
- flexible ORM wrapper, specific to redis;
- powerful MVM (model-to-view mapping) function;
- decorators on database related actions, to reduce manual code;
- builtin User, Group and Permission models and a set of permission checking procedure;
- builtin test framework (based on telescope).

You can find installation method and the documentation for Bamboo here:

You can refer:

to get more info about it.

The install method is at:

The installer script is hosted on Google Code:

Best regards,
Daogang Tang

Nothing is impossible.