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2011/11/11 Robert G. Jakabosky <>:
> On Wednesday 09, Xavier Wang wrote:
>> local B = require 'bindings'
>> local type,   module,   class,   func =
>>    B.type, B.module, B.class, B.func
>> B.basetypes(B)
>> local voidptr, int, char = B.voidptr,, B.char
> Why not have a generator script that loads the definition file, instead of
> having the definition files load the generator as a module.  The generator can
> setup a special environment for the definition file so you don't have to
> include the above boilerplate code in each definition file.

this code is generated by generator. so you needn't write them by hand :-)

>> I'm try to add some mechanism to generate OO style interface over pure
>> C library (like cairo), Are there any idea about it? I will begin this
>> plan, and after I have some result, I will create a project on github,
>> and reply this mail.
> I have created a bindings generator [1] for C libraries.  It is designed to
> generate OO style interfaces for C functions.  It also supports generating
> wrapper C functions so Lua functions can be used as C callbacks.
> Right now it doesn't support generating bindings for C++ code, but support
> could be added.
> 1.

That's great, I will look into it soon, Thank you :-)