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this is not really an announcement of a new version of ltcltk, but rather a plea for some people to test the current stuff. I have rewritten almost all of the ltk stuff, resulting in a completely new API, which is not backwards compatible to the previos version. There is still some stuff to do, but I would really like some feedback on the current API. Alas, there is not much in the way of doccumentation, just a text file with some stuff explained, and the examples. Also, there is now a shell by the name of ltksh (a bit like wish), which is intended to ease interactive experimentation with the ltk stuff. As this is easily the biggest piece of ltk code in the archive, it is also probably the best example for how to use the stuff. So, if any 1 of you should be bored over the weekend, and might want to play around with it a little, please do and give me some feedback. The current version is here:

You can build it using the included Makefile, or using luarocks. Please keep in mind, this is in no way a finished release, some things may still change. Also, it is not yet ready for lua 5.2.