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which loop would be best to use when trying to get the user to input a word and can you treat it as a if statement. like i did here.

i tried ti do a repeat until loop didnt work in the way i wanted to work. Now in the example im trying the for loop which they said is the best one to use but it wont run

this is the error i get for the, for newReply1=="beer" do line

 >lua -e "io.stdout:setvbuf 'no'" "lovebot.lua"
lua: lovebot.lua:22: '=' or 'in' expected near '=='
>Exit code: 1

reply1 =; -- reply1 should only equal yes or no

if  reply1=="no"  then
io.write("Oh good what would you like to drink\n white rum $7\n red wine $10\n gray goose $12 \n beer $2");
elseif reply1=="yes" then
io.write("come on girl you know you want to have a good time to night");
reply1 = "no", "yes";

newReply1 =;

for newReply1=="beer" do
io.write("SO which drink would you like: ", newReply1, "\n" );
io.write("hite rum $7\n red wine $10\n gray goose $12 \n beer $2\n");