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On Tue, Nov 1, 2011 at 3:48 PM, Stefan Reich
<> wrote:
> Haha. No it's not. It's extremely important and very real. Because
> many people believe - wrongly - that money is something that will
> continue to exist. And base their lives on this fantasy.
> I offer you reality. Are you ready for it? Seems like you're a little
> outside of it, Rob.

All the irony detectors of the World just exploded.

> And since you chose to attack me: Who are you anyway? All I found on
> your homepage is:
> "Rob Kendrick has no website design skills."
> Sounds... uhm, "impressive" :)

He did not attack you personally, just your off-topic delusions. You,
on the other hand, is attacking him personally, and this is not the
first episode of your arrogance and stupidity on this mailing list.

Now go ahead, take a look at my website and offend me based on some
completely unrelated lack of some skill that I may have.