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David Hollander <> writes:
>> Does Python define readability?
> No, I volunteered a strawman because I am in support of allowing
> question marks :)

But to be fair, there seems a reasonable amount of consistency
amongst "algol-style" languages w/r/t identifiers -- basically
reallllly restrictive, almost no non-alphanumerics allowed
(you know, "[a-z_][a-z0-9_]*", plus "$" if you're on vms :).

There are some outliers like Dylan -- which allows much more
lispy identifiers (it's an algol-syntax language created by
lisp people though, so that makes some sense...).

[Personally I'd be totally fine with simply _requiring_ most
operators to be space-separated (except for parens), allowing
a much wider range of non-alphanumerics in identifiers ... but
since that goes against typical practice, and might cause a
lot of confusion for programmers used to the "normal way",
it's probably not going to be a popular position...]


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