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I keep forgetting about the handy "-l -l" behavior when producing
bytecode listings.  It doesn't appear to be documented anywhere for
5.1, unless I'm badly overlooking something (always a possibility).

The current lua-5.2.0-beta.tar.gz doesn't include the luac.1 *roff
source, so I couldn't check if it's been added there, but I was hoping
something simple could be added to the man page and to the usage
output, e.g.,

--- luac.c.orig
+++ luac.c
@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@
   "usage: %s [options] [filenames]\n"
   "Available options are:\n"
-  "  -l       list\n"
+  "  -l       list (use \"-l -l\" for full listing)\n"
   "  -o name  output to file " LUA_QL("name") " (default is \"%s\")\n"
   "  -p       parse only\n"
   "  -s       strip debug information\n"