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On 10/26/2011 12:30 PM, Gavin Wraith wrote:
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you wrote:

Postings involving the following circle of ideas often appear on the list.
What the community needs (maybe) is a sort of overall design and quality
control of module libraries.  Near-universal acknowledgment that a
particular set of modules, as painless to install on all platforms
as is Lua itself, is canonical.
Please excuse a discreet cough from a pedantic user of a minority platform.
I do not think you meant "all", Dirk; you meant "most". My platform will
never be able to use the module libraries you mention. It does not even
support dynamic linking. One of the key reasons why people like me adore Lua
is that when says "Lua is distributed in a
small package and builds out-of-the-box in all platforms that have an
ANSI/ISO C compiler" the word "all" is being used correctly.

Even if one could not use such a distribution as a whole. It would potentially still be a nice resource of community maintained code which has been deemed of sufficient quality for inclusion in said distribution. Then you the expert, could choose what module meets your specific need out of the distribution.

Some things you go to wherever on the web to download and you have no idea if is still supported. Or if it is the best option to accomplish what you want.

You go to a web page to download a module 0.4 beta dated 2009 and wonder if it is the right choice.

This hopefully could help with such dilemmas.

Jimmie Houchin