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>> BTW, this question indicates to me that you don't use PC-Lint so far.
>> If that is correct, it is somewhat of a surprise to me, but then
>> again, Lua is exposed to such
>> a wide variety of C-compilers, which might be just as good as using PC-Lint.
> There is no PC-Lint for the machine that I use daily. So, it is very
> useful for us when people run these kind of checking tools on Lua.
> -- Roberto

Perhaps it might be worth to register Lua for Coverity Scan[1]?

The Coverity tool is a fairly thorough static code analyzer that costs a lot of money. Coverity has launched a program for open source projects to have their code scanned for free. It looks like Lua is already included in their "rung 0" list [2], so they want to have a contact to administer the results, see [3].

I don't have any affiliation with that company except that I have used the commercial version as a regular customer.