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On Oct 19, 2011, at 8:48 PM, Patrick Donnelly wrote:

> The _ENV griping is a real joke to be honest. Everything you used to
> do you can still do.

Right.  Requires a bit of a rethink, but yes, _ENV is a workable substitute for setfenv() . 

> Moving the environment to an upvalue makes sense
> and is quite elegant. People are just mad their silly designs that
> relied on heavy use of setfenv are "broken".

Well, the use of setfenv is not necessarily silly. It's just that the mechanism would have to change in 5.2.

> They will grow up

Again, using setfenv is not, hmmm, infantile... it's a mechanism that serves a purpose... same as _ENV... 

> or use debug.setupvalue.

debug.upvaluejoin, no?