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thanks for bot answers. I got them in "digest mode" so my reply might look
bit weird.

Tim Mensch <> wrote:

>>   lua_State* coro = lua_newthread(L);

> You need to use lua_newcthread(). Otherwise LuaJIT 1.x doesn't create a
> C stack.
> Or you can use LuaJIT 2.x, which uses a different yielding method.

So code I posted is in fact valid? I though LuaJIT was suppos e to be
"drop-in replacement". Obliviously both VMs behave very differently.
To be hones I still don't quite understand what that error message means.

Patrick Rapin <> wrote:

> Side note. I tried to compile your example. [snip]

Thanks for the effort but I am way too far with luabind to switch now
and actually I am very happy with it. Other thing is that I don't want
scripters to be even aware of their code running in coroutines. All
yielding/resuming is happening in C++ while scripters only focus on
game logic.


Szymon Gatner
The Lordz Games Studio