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On Thursday, October 13, 2011, Ingo van Lil wrote:
On 13/10/2011 10:54, Ingo van Lil wrote:

I'm currently hunting a bug in our project where the LUA garbage
collector occasionally frees one particular Proto object although it is
still reachable and in use. I've now managed to come up with a small
example demonstrating the problem.

Some more information: I believe I've identified the culprit to be the luaC_checkGC() call introduced by item 6 of the 5.1.4 patches on Just before the interpreter runs into the assertion failure this call sweeps the string table during the anchor_token() call in lparser.c:379. If I remove the checkGC() call my scripts run stable again.
I've tried this on a x86 and x86_64 build of Lua w/ the patch and assertions enabled and cannot reproduce (tried w/ a bash for loop from 1 to 10000 as arguments to the test)

Thomas Harning Jr.