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Hi !
Why do you need XML ?
I would propose to use JSON if you're not bound to any existing XML file format nonsense.
Btw - I have coded json parser in C, and I have mirrored it up via my own library to ram,
and converted recursively to Lua's tables, works like dream (quite fast), however eats ram quite heavily.
(But I suspect XML parser will eat it even more).
Currenly not open source code, but I can ask whether I can open it up.
Have a nice day!
From: Florian Weimer <>
Sent: Sunday, October 9, 2011 5:13 PM
Subject: XML parser with DOM-like API

I've got some legacy code I would like to port to Lua, and I'm
wondering if there's an XML parser which exposes a DOM-like API
because the legacy code uses such an API from an other programming
language.  The Wiki does not appear to helpful in this regard (lots of
broken links).

Any suggestions?  Has anybody tried to use gdome2 or Xerces, possibly
with LuaJIT FFI?