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On Oct 7, 2011, at 3:42 PM, Sebastien Lai wrote:

> What I bothered me most about Lua is the way...

Thanks for bringing this up! :)


(A) "My sense of aesthetic is deeply offended by the existence/lack of X, Y or Z in Lua. I demand immediate corrective action A, B and C."


(1) Proto-Marc Balmer: "go ^%$@^%$#& yourself". A bit harsh, but to the point, see (2) & (3).
(2) Proto-Terry Bayne & Co.: "what's the problem/is there a problem". Various pro and con regarding (A). Leading to (3).
(3) Proto-Luiz: "there is no problem" and here is 2 lines of Lua code to make it happen. Similar to (1), but with additional pedagogical value.