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From: Marc Balmer <>
Sent: Friday, October 7, 2011 4:47 PM
Subject: Re: [proposal] Libary changes

> > What I propose is to create a new module named "sys", that will
> > respectively contain that data instead, like:
> >
> >    sys.argv instead of arg
> >    sys.globals instead of _G
> >    sys.version instead of _VERSION

> Do you know what that would mean to all the existing codebase... ?
> Every that uses the current form would have to change his software just
> because of your personal taste?  You can't be serious?
This is something I have seen with perl - they like double / triple approaches of
solving the same problem, after which you can use and misuse language however you want,
but also code become unreadiable sometimes. C# / .NET is truly readable code,
but again - it has quite too long namespaces, and quite long function names, after which
even basic program is not simple to write.
I think programming language should be kept on several simple use cases (e.g. 20 sample applications)
kept in same place near to each other - just to remind what were solved by that particular language.
Personally I would like to make programming language to be easily extendable in any direction.
In C++ you can override operators, declare functions, but that is pretty much it -
I would prefer to have syntax like:
        #include "perl_extension.h"
would trigger for C++ to become perl.

Have a nice day!