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I would like to announce the second release of LuaClassBasedCall [1], probably the simplest way to run Lua snippets from C++ (*).
The first release was on April. [2]
The library is aimed to evaluate Lua scripts, passing arbitrary complex input data to Lua, and getting back any output values.
It can also be used to convert data between several similar but incompatible C++ types (for example, copy all strings from vector<string> to list<wstring>).

Compared to the first release, there are a number of new features:

-  Snippets strings can alternatively be external file names
-  Support both Lua 5.1 and 5.2 API
-  Included test suite which can also serve as usage examples
-  Alternate syntax for call similar to luabind::call_function
-  Bug corrections
-  Lots of new data types supported:
   - All relevant Standard C++ Library classes
   - All relevant Microsoft Foundation Classes objects
   - Single `char` and wide `wchar_t` characters now handled as strings
   - Multidimensional C arrays (like `const int array[2][5][3]`)

I still have some ideas to enhance the library in the future (support of Qt classes, modularize the headers, study an alternate syntax using << and >>, overload the notion of snippets).
But if I feel no interest from the community, this might be the last release...
Best regards,
Patrick Rapin

(*) If you know a simpler way, please let me know...