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After being a little unsatisfied with the data yielded by datadumper
(, I sat down, and rewrote it

The new version, including introductory text can be found here:
The most important two changes are probably the revisited
string-serialization, which escapes non-ascii characters (thus making
it possible to save the data in plaintext files, even data returned by
string.dump), and the argument 'ignore_undumpable', which will replace
non-dumpable values with placeholders, and thus allows dumping tables
that are full of natively referenced data, like _G. The argument
'ignore_nundumpable' also resulted in the removal of 'fastmode', which
seemed pointless anyway[1].

License and copyright is the same (but mostly because I would release
it as public domain anyway, and REALLY don't care ;-)).

[1]: Even with Vanilla Lua and extremely huge tables, DataDumper is
still able to dump it very quickly. Unless you've got to dump 2GB+ of
data, of course...