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nice, can you provide an downloadable version for me? cause i live in china, you know the Greate fire wall  and youtube

On Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 09:15:08PM -0700, Erik Cassel wrote:
> We embedded Lua in our online game ROBLOX several years ago. It's been
> a great fit and I'm thrilled we chose it.
> By now thousands of our users - pre-teens and teenagers - have written
> countless lines of Lua to make games that they share with others.
> We recently made a promotional video from footage taken during a
> conference we hosted. The conference was like an ordinary developer
> conference, except that about half the attendees where under 13.
> Anyway, it struck me that the video highlights Lua and that you might
> like it:
> *** Skip to 1:32 to see our young users talking about Lua ***
> Thanks for being a great community!
> Erik Cassel

    Yunfan Jiang
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