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i tried to hook up luasocket, copas and luasec by wrapping the socket
connection in ssl before handing it over to copas.

however, i currently run into a problem with the code below: when a
request comes in, the handshake works fine ( i can get the HTTP GET
line from the client, 

but skt:send(response) is not executed until i stop (kill) the
application  , i.e. the handler seems to hang just before
skt:send() and the client seems to wait forever.

copas works fine with the same code without ssl.wrap ( it sends the
response immediately) , also ssl works totally fine if i run it single threaded 
without copas.

am i missing something obvious?

--- example:

require "socket"
require "ssl"
require "copas"

params = {
 mode = "server",
 protocol = "sslv23",
 certificate = "./apache.crt",
 key = "./apache.key",
 verify = "none",

local function handler(skt, host, port)
    print(host, port)
    local line, err = skt:receive()
    print(line, err)
    local response = "HTTP/1.1 200/OK\r\nContent-Type: text/html\n\nhello world!\n" 

                assert(socket.bind("*", 8888)),
                    local host, port = skt:getpeername()
                    skt = ssl.wrap(skt, params)
                    return handler(copas.wrap(skt), host, port)
                end )